By Paulien Lethen and Heleen Schuttevaêr; design by Céline Bouchez

The book ‘HOLLAND TUNNEL GALLERY Williamsburg Brooklyn Paros Greece’ gives a complete survey from 1997 up to 2015 of the exhibitions and events that took place in the three art spaces of the gallery.

Dutch sisters Paulien Lethen, artist, gallery director/curator and New York resident, and Heleen Schuttevaêr, jazz pianist/vocalist, are the driving forces behind Holland Tunnel Gallery. Together they realized the book. Lethen tells her story of Williamsburg, Brooklyn: how a rough and gritty neighborhood with bad industrial pollution became the colorful New Bohemia when the artists moved in and opened their own galleries, and how it gradually changed into a hip, hot and expensive place to be, a developer’s paradise. With her cheerful inventive book design, graphic designer Céline Bouchez hits the right note to capture the unpretentious, amazing, striking, witty, extraordinary and amazing character of Holland Tunnel Gallery.

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"One of the quirkiest spaces in Williamsburg is Holland Tunnel, on South Third Street, a front-runner for first place as the tiniest gallery in the metropolitan area.” Roberta Smith, The New York Times Nov 6, 1998

260 pages full color; more than 500 photos; introductions by art critic Dominique Nahas and novelist/poet Serge Gavronsky; precafe by Jan Kennis, cultural attaché of the Netherlands Consulate in New York


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Summer 2015 you can purchase your copy at Holland Tunnel Gallery Paros

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This publication has received funding through a grant from the Netherland-America Foundation



By Paulien Lethen and Jacques Roch  

A Holland Tunnel Gallery publication with simple tasty recipes by Dutch artist Paulien Lethen,  illustrated by French artist Jacques Roch. The book is meant to be a light hearted-affair so one can have fun reading the instructions and looking at the illustrations while preparing the food.  The authors hope that this book will be an inspiration for you and your guests to have a good time!

Paulien Lethen is the director of Holland Tunnel Gallery and a creative cook. The work of Jacques Roch is often featured at the gallery. They both are New York residents. 

€ 15 / 64 pages

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