Williamsburg Brooklyn


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In November 1997 Dutch artist Paulien Lethen used the Home Depot garden shed in her backyard - model Chelsea, 8 x 10 ft./ 2 ½ x 3 m, -for an exhibition in a Williamsburg art tour weekend. Holland Tunnel Gallery was born. From 1997-2007 Lethen presented a monthly show schedule. Momentarily there are exhibitions again regularly. Every exhibition became a unique installation with interaction between art and the unusual space. The gallery gained recognition in the international art world and became a neighborhood icon as a microcosm of local and international talent. Roberta Smith, art critic of The New York Times, reported: "One of the quirkiest spaces in Williamsburg is Holland Tunnel, on South Third Street, a front-runner for first place as the tiniest gallery in the metropolitan area.”

Music and events have always added a lively element to Holland Tunnel Gallery. As the gallery only accommodates six people at a time, the parking lot between the adjoining brownstones serves as meeting point, bar location and stage - no matter pouring rain or freezing cold. Visitors can dance to live jazz, rock and blues.



NEW AND SPECTACULAIR  LOCATION      opens May 25 and 26, 2018

Paulien Lethen is opening Holland Tunnel Art Newburgh / Gallery & Studios in a 1860 warehouse on Chambers St 46 between First Street and Broadway. The industrial gallery space with high ceiling, and a grand piano for concerts, is the fourth location for Holland Tunnel Gallery. It seemed logical that when Lethen moved to live in Newburgh and met the lively art community, the Holland Tunnel Gallery would follow. With Holland Tunnel Art Newburgh she creates a new place for exhibitions, performances, concerts and movie screenings. The other spaces in the building are artist studios. In Newburgh, Paulien Lethen feels the same exciting artistic energy of Williamsburg in the ‘90’s – then known as The New Bohemia. She is happy to offer a new cultural venue and art center in the Historic District of Newburgh where art and people can get together.





In 2000 Holland Tunnel Gallery opened a second art space, located on the island of Paros, Greece. Before moving to New York in the ‘80’s, Dutch artist and founder of the gallery Paulien Lethen lived on Paros on a permanent basis for a number of years. When she and her sister, Dutch jazz pianist/vocalist Heleen Schuttevaêr bought a Cycladic 18th century house in the old center of Parikia, a historic merchant mansion, they could realize an idea they already had for a long time. Since 2000, every summer there are concerts, poetry readings, artist talks and model drawing classes where artists, Greek neighbors, friends and tourists gather. Holland Tunnel Paros is the opposite of the one-space Williamsburg gallery. The exhibitions begin at street level in arched spaces where previously potatoes, onions, olives and wine were stored and continue in the courtyard and upstairs. Here the kitchen, dining room, library and family bedrooms lead to the spectacular 15 foot (4 ½ meter) high salla (salon). Exhibitions often have an ancient Greek theme, like Labyrinth, Metamorphosis, Oracle, Pandemonium.