Holland Tunnel project:
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Presentation of 17 years Holland Tunnel Gallery book &
exhibition Framed in Holland Tunnel Stairmasters (109 artists) Nov 2014: https://vimeo.com/124413419

Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Paros, Greece

Holland Tunnel Gallery est. 1997:
A unique art space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York.

Dutch artist and Williamsburg pioneer Paulien Lethen opened Holland Tunnel Gallery in her newly installed Home Depot garden shed. The mini art space rapidly gained recognition in the art world and became a neighborhood icon.
From 1997-2007 the gallery presented a monthly show schedule and is now open for special exhibitions and events.

In 2000, Holland Tunnel opened a second branch located on Paros island in Greece, with yearly summer exhibitions, music and cultural events.

In 2003, Stairmasters was launched in the hall and monumental four flight staircase of the brownstone next to Holland Tunnel Gallery for long term exhibitions open for special exhibitions

ONGOING: Holland Tunnel Gallery Williamsburg, Brooklyn FRAMED

group show in Stairmasters with 109 artists of the 700 Holland Tunnel Gallery artists 


By Paulien Lethen and Heleen Schuttevaêr  
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In November 1997, Dutch artist Paulien Lethen organized an exhibition in her Home Depot garden shed in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, then known as the New Bohemia. It was a totally different way to experience art! This is the story of the Holland Tunnel Gallery. The book  spans a period of almost two decades and depicts a unique microcosm in a changing neighborhood (260 pages full color)
The Holland Tunnel Gallery book has received funding through a grant from the Netherland-America Foundation


July 30, 2015 Holland Tunnel Gallery Paros, Greece Book launch and celebration of 15 years Holland Tunnel Gallery Paros Greece (2000-2015), opening of summer exhibitions 
April 19, 2015 Central Museum, Utrecht, The Netherlands Book launch with introduction by Dutch architect Hubert-Jan Henket on the theme ‘unusual art spaces’; live jazz by Heleen Schuttevaêr Quartet and film by Maartje Seyferth and Victor Nieuwenhuijs 
November 7, 8, 9, 2014 Holland Tunnel Gallery Williamsburg Brooklyn Book launch during weekend of events celebrating 17 years Holland Tunnel Gallery 1997-2014 with opening exhibition Framed, music performances by Heleen Schuttevaêr and jazz guests, rock band Lex Grey & the Urban Pioneers and The Silrent Brassband ( De Stille Parade)  https://vimeo.com/124413419